We’re in The Sunday Times!

We want to say a massive thanks to Lisa Verrico and The Sunday Times for featuring us in the Culture magazine last Sunday (19/01/14). If you missed it then check out the picture of the spread below!



The 13th and final part of our Food and Fuel Tour video diary, “The End”

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for watching our Food and Fuel Tour video diary updates over the past 250 days or so, we’re happy that so many of you have enjoyed them! Below is the 13th and very last episode, we hope you enjoy it just as much! If you’ve missed any of the episodes on the way then just scroll down and you can find them all here on the blog. Share and like it on Facebook and twitter so we can spread the word.

There’ll be a few more bits and bobs added on here over the next few weeks but for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy part 13 of our Food and Fuel Tour video diary!

This is the end…almost

Here are the last lot of pictures from our Food and Fuel Tour. Cherish them, hold them, show them to your family and pets, especially your pets. We’re going to be uploading the very last part of our Food and Fuel Tour video diary tomorrow so make sure you check back for that! We’ve got some exciting news coming your way so keep your eyes peeled!

ur very last gig at The Distillers Pub in Hammersmith. We had an amazing night.

IMG_1537 The Victoria in Derby.IMG_1538 IMG_1540Friend spotting.
IMG_1542Almost 10 years ago on the day we played at the Vic. Biffy for £7!!
IMG_1544The venue was buzzing.
IMG_1556 IMG_1586Just having a little sit down.
IMG_1595Tooting Tram and Social.
IMG_1600Back in London.
IMG_1604Another happy Delver.
IMG_1608We went bowling in Newcastle on Andy’s Birthday. Andy won.
IMG_1614It was great to play at The Bedford in Balham again, brilliant venue.
IMG_1619Setting up for open mic at The Arc in Angel.
IMG_1620 IMG_1624Andy’s new purchase.
IMG_1634They forgot to mention us on this list….
IMG_1646The London Eye.
IMG_1650Big Ben Head.
IMG_1651Videoing a selfie.
IMG_1653Guarding and that.
IMG_1661Andy and The Queen’s House.
IMG_1659Lovely day for a bike ride.
IMG_1664Where it all ended, The Distillers, Hammersmith, December 21st 2013.

Video update part 9! “Beamish”

Here is the much anticipated part 9 of our Food and Fuel Tour video diary! There will be a couple more instalments before the end of tour and people coming to our very last and 250th gig on the tour will see a sneak preview of the final episode!

So, the last gig is on Saturday, upstairs at the Distillers pub in Hammersmith London and starts at 8:15pm! Follow the link to facebook event HERE to find out more

Gigs and gigs and gigs and gigs and gigs

Here’s some more photos from the Autumn part of the Tour! Feast your eyes Delvers, there’s some beauties in here! Video update coming sooooon!IMG_1534Probably the smallest Owl, we’ve ever seen. It didn’t like dogs.
IMG_1533Our good friend Mike came to see us and enjoyed the view from our Hotel room.
IMG_1531To earn our stay recently we’ve been walking this little critter, JoJo the boxer dog.
IMG_1530York Cathedral.
IMG_1518We came across the old house in Derbyshire. It’s up for sale if anyone’s keen.
IMG_1512We ate and played at Ribs ‘n’ Bibs in Lincoln. The bibs were great and the ribs were even better.
IMG_1511We did a live show on Kemet FM in Nottingham, Nottingham’s first official urban radio station…..
IMG_1504This was our view from the stage at The Malt Cross in Nottingham. Great little venue.

IMG_1487Enjoying a lovely drive….
IMG_1486into a Midland’s sunset.
IMG_1485Lincoln Cathedral by day…
IMG_1483Lincoln Cathedral by night.
IMG_1434 IMG_1433Rocca Bar in Otley.
IMG_1431Our old mate again at The Golden Fleece, York.

It’s been too long!

Delvers! We are so sorry it’s taken us this long to update the blog again! We’ve been all over the bloomin’ country, been doing a lot of driving and of course, a lot of gigging. We’re currently in the Nottingham/Derby area and last night we played our 216th gig. We’ve got just over a month left of our Food and Fuel Tour and just can’t believe how quickly it’s flown by. We’ll be updating the blog over the next few days with a load of photos from the last month or so and a new video update is on it’s way, we promise! We’re going to be back down in London from the 5th of December until our very last gig on the 21st so have a look at the dates on the blog and catch us at one of our last gigs. Anyway, kick back, have a kit kat or a biscuit and behold some of the finest photos from our Food and Fuel Tour, more on their way soon!

IMG_1322Scotland’s answer to the Golden Gate Bridge.
IMG_1328Pretty sure McDonald’s have a strong case for a lawsuit there. A whiskey flavoured lawsuit.
IMG_1329The Whistlebinkie’s Calendar.
IMG_1370To earn our keep in Newcastle we knocked down a wall.
IMG_1372We played on The Holy Island of Lindisfarne at The Crown and Anchor, awesome place.
IMG_1373The little island gets cut off by the tide so we had to make sure Tony didn’t get swept away.
IMG_13752 tshirt sales and 17 whiskeys later….
IMG_1399This was narly.
IMG_1380Ruins of the old Lindisfarne Monastery.
IMG_1384The Lindisfarne Castle.
IMG_1396 IMG_1397We had a great gig here at The Dog and Parrot in Newcastle.
IMG_1400Some great surf at Bamburgh Castle, on the north east coast but unfortunately we didn’t have our boards.
IMG_1403We found a place called Pity Me.
IMG_1445The venue didn’t quite get who we were or what we’re doing.
IMG_1407Our street of residence whilst in Newcastle. Was a right nightmare.
IMG_1410Delve’s day trips took us to The Angel of North, apparently the most viewed piece of art in Britain.
IMG_1411We stayed in the most haunted pub in York, The Golden Fleece, for 3 nights but unfortunately didn’t hear or see anything. Great pub!
IMG_1417One of the locals at the Golden Fleece.