The (un)Lucky Penny

We’ve had an eventful first week on our Food and Fuel Tour. Having played our first 3 gigs, one at The Railway in Winchester and two in Brighton at The Pull and Pump and The Victory Inn, it was all going well however, the radiator and head gasket in our new van had other ideas. We were on our way to Ashford in Kent to play at The George Hotel when a little red light on our dashboard lit up and the problems started. Watch the video for all the details above!

Anyway, below are pictures of us outside the venues we have played at so far. We are going to take a photo of ourselves outside every single venue that we play at so get ready for a lot of pictures.


The Railway, Winchester.


Pull and Pump, Brighton.


The Victory Inn, Brighton.

We’ll have more news on the van very soon. Unfortunately we had to cancel two gigs in Ashford this weekend but we’re keeping everything crossed to hear some good news on the van today. If we can get back on the road tomorrow then we will be able to play at The Bedford in Tunbridge Wells. Fingers crossed!


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