206 to the Rescue!

Unfortunately the van situation didn’t improve this week. We’re still not back on the road with it but luckily we were able to drive around in Andy’s Dad’s Peugeot 206 and it did us proud. Big up the Walrus!

We’ve had some great gigs this week, learnt some nature lessons on Delve’s Day Trips, met old friends, sold t shirts and overall had an ideal second week to the tour.

Anyway, that’s all in the video so check that out. Big thanks to OWIBL for the photos of the gig at The George in Petersfield. We had a lovely gig there and the photos are awesome too.

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells.

The Windmill, Ashford Kent.

The George, Petersfield.





We’re now heading back down to Brighton for quite a few days so hopefully our van will be sorted when we came back from there.

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One thought on “206 to the Rescue!

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