Whilst we were in Exeter we were introduced to a new drink simply called “Beer-garita”. Our good friend Joe H made up a batch with San Miguel Beer, freshly squeezed Lime juice, salt, sugar and of course a triple shot of Tequila. We were advised that Beer-garitas should be consumed by the pint but weren’t informed that a Beer-garita will mess you up bad time. The next day was not pretty. Anyway, you should try them out for yourself at home, alone, in a dark room, away from any machinery.

We finished off our Exeter leg of the tour with some great little gigs in and around the town and even ended up hosting an open mic night at The Angel in Exeter, which was nice. Unfortunately however, we had to call the AA AGAIN as Tony broke down AGAIN. Howler. So we’ve had to be towed back home, again, to get him/her all fixed up and ready to go again. So as we wait, have a look at some of the photos from the past few days.

photo (4) We forgot to take photos after our gigs at these places so did it on the same day, promise.

photo (5) photo (6)We visited our old local the Imperial in Exeter and learnt that that week they had sold….pints.

7888_10201024597284532_2070511308_n 6937_10201024596564514_2136424745_n 969973_10201024596324508_1307867847_n
This is during Beer-garitas…
This is the day after Beer-garitas. Also, that was probably the worst ham and cheese toastie Andy’s ever had, just for the record.
IMG_0761Another really bad photo.
IMG_0748Andy with a local at the Open Mic night that we hosted at The Angel, Exeter.

IMG_0744 IMG_0741 IMG_0738

Food or Fuel? We’d prefer both to be honest.


We broke down again.

photo (7)
ut were welcomed home by Bob the Dog.


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