Cats, Goats, Turkeys, Rain, Dartmoor, Gigs etc…

Firstly apologies that there has been a gap in the videos but we’ve been living in a van without any electricity or internet for ages so leave it out alright? Thanks. There’s been a lot happening since we last spoke, well we didn’t really speak, you probably read what I had written and it sort of felt like we spoke, kind of, didn’t it? Hmm. Anyway, I was saying there’s been a lot happening.

We’ve been driving all over Devon and Cornwall squeezing in as many gigs as possible and meeting more ace people and having some great experiences (see video). Some of the highlights have been playing at The Barrel House in Totnes, The Kingsbridge Food and Music Festival, Bunters in Truro, Toast in Falmouth (the venue not the food), The Beached Lamb in Newquay and the fry ups provided by the awesome Fistral Chef! We’ve been surfing a lot stayed in Newquay for quite a while in the van and managed to blag a hot shower with a surf hire company which was great as we stank.

So watch the video and look at the photos, take it all in and just imagine you were with us every step of the way. If you do want be with us some steps of the way then come and see us at a gig! Check out the Tour Dates tab on the menu at the bottom.

IMG_0770Just on a rock in Dartmoor.
IMG_0771A chicken with the best hair do we’ve ever seen.
IMG_0814Uncanny resemblance
IMG_0818Strong post surfing look.
IMG_0826Island Street in Salcombe.
IMG_0820 Andy and a huge chef at The Dolphin in Newquay.
IMG_0824Jam Session at The Dolphin, Newquay
IMG_0822 The Rugglestone Inn, Widecombe in the Moor
IMG_0816Creepy stairs.
IMG_0783 The Peoples String Foundation during soundcheck at The Barrel House, Totnes.
IMG_0785 Matthew and Me, Barrel House, Totnes
IMG_0787 Newquay Sunset.

IMG_0789 The Dolphin, Newquay
Sailors, Newquay
IMG_0791 Walkabout, Newquay.
IMG_0793 Share a coke with Amy and Andrew.IMG_0794 Bunters, Truro.
IMG_0799 Kingsbridge Food and Music Festival
Toast, Falmouth.IMG_0805 Toast, FalmouthIMG_0806Falmouth Harbour.IMG_0811Apres Surf Lodge at Beach Break Live
IMG_0810 Happy Jack.IMG_0809The Beached Lamb, Newquay.


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