Photo Update Part 1

It’s been almost a month since our last update, and for that we sincerely apologise. Unfortunately our van Tony doesn’t come with inbuilt Wifi but one day I’m sure he will. We’re currently editing the next video update which will be uploaded really soon but in the meantime have a look at some of favourite photos that we’ve taken and had taken of us over the past month. We’re going to do this in 2 or 3 parts as there’s quite a few! As always, it would be ace if you could share this with musically like minded people on any social network that you’re on as it would really help us out!

IMG_0950Port Isaac
IMG_0951Port Isaac
IMG_0952This pug listened to our music and got pretty pensive. Pretty Pensive Pug. Great name for a band.
IMG_0953Andy carrying the Cajon up a hill after too many Rattlers and a party on the roof of TJ’s Surf Shop in Polzeath.
IMG_0954Andy having fun on the beach.
IMG_0955We found the quarry where Andy was born.
IMG_0956One of the best names for a cider we’ve seen. Orchard Pig Truffler.
IMG_0827Pre-gig exercise regime.
IMG_0828Outside Jacobs Ladder being “cool”.
IMG_0830The view from The Shipwrights Arms in Helford, Cornwall.
IMG_0832Bottom left…
IMG_0834Feeling a little bit worse for wear after this gig.

ndy found someone new to play with, namely a french bloke called Jean Michelle.

IMG_0965Deaf Man in Village!
IMG_0852We found the best drink ever made.


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