Some More Photos of Bonny Wee Scotland

Have a gander at some more of our photos of Scotland below. There will be a new video update uploaded in the next 48 hours so make sure you keep checking back! We’re back up in Edinburgh until the weekend at the moment, at which point we’ll be heading down to Newcastle and Sunderland for a while. We cannot believe it’s October 1st and it’s our 166th gig tonight at Whistlebinkies. It feels like it’s almost over but then we remember we still have another 84 gigs left to play. Blimey. Anyways, have a look at photos and check out the video that’s coming soon!

IMG_1246Our good friends Ricky and Mike came up to see us in Edinburgh. Really glad they could both make the journey.
IMG_1253Saw this gig poster and wished we had been on the bill. Look at those cracking moustaches.
IMG_1259We hiked up to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh to get this amazing view.
IMG_1263Selfie of a selfie. How lame.
IMG_1264Shocked that it cost £16 to get into Edinburgh Castle.
IMG_1267Sharing a joke outside the Castle.
IMG_1269We played a folk jam night at the Sandy Bells in Edinburgh and met some lovely folk from Chile.
IMG_1270Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and I want to go to bed etc etc.
IMG_1278Admiring the view.
IMG_1288 IMG_1289Macsorely’s in Glasgow.
IMG_1294The best food of tour so far in Musa, Aberdeen.
IMG_1296This was the best chocolate brownie Andy had ever eaten in his life.
IMG_1297Musa Aberdeen.
IMG_1300Very excited to say we now have Muddy Realms handling all of our bookings for 2014!
IMG_1301Paul and Susan of Bank Bar in Dundee! We had a great night in there!
IMG_1303Some handy advice for Scottish Parents that we found.
IMG_1304Bank Bar, Dundee.
IMG_1305Heading over the Tay Bridge to St Andrews.
IMG_1307On the beach in St. Andrews.


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