This is the end…almost

Here are the last lot of pictures from our Food and Fuel Tour. Cherish them, hold them, show them to your family and pets, especially your pets. We’re going to be uploading the very last part of our Food and Fuel Tour video diary tomorrow so make sure you check back for that! We’ve got some exciting news coming your way so keep your eyes peeled!

ur very last gig at The Distillers Pub in Hammersmith. We had an amazing night.

IMG_1537 The Victoria in Derby.IMG_1538 IMG_1540Friend spotting.
IMG_1542Almost 10 years ago on the day we played at the Vic. Biffy for £7!!
IMG_1544The venue was buzzing.
IMG_1556 IMG_1586Just having a little sit down.
IMG_1595Tooting Tram and Social.
IMG_1600Back in London.
IMG_1604Another happy Delver.
IMG_1608We went bowling in Newcastle on Andy’s Birthday. Andy won.
IMG_1614It was great to play at The Bedford in Balham again, brilliant venue.
IMG_1619Setting up for open mic at The Arc in Angel.
IMG_1620 IMG_1624Andy’s new purchase.
IMG_1634They forgot to mention us on this list….
IMG_1646The London Eye.
IMG_1650Big Ben Head.
IMG_1651Videoing a selfie.
IMG_1653Guarding and that.
IMG_1661Andy and The Queen’s House.
IMG_1659Lovely day for a bike ride.
IMG_1664Where it all ended, The Distillers, Hammersmith, December 21st 2013.


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