We are Delve. We are an acoustic duo originally from Dorset and Wiltshire. We’ve quit our jobs. We’re going on tour!

About two years ago we moved to London to take our music to the city and see what people think of it. Like most people we had full time jobs to enable us to pay the bills, and then in the evenings we would play as many gigs and open mic nights as we could. In that time we played with some great musicians and met some amazing people but something just didn’t feel quite right so we wanted to do something about it.

So we thought, why don’t we break the mould do it our way? (Sinatra would be proud).  Why not save up, quit our dull office jobs, buy a van and go and play gigs that we want to play, in places and venues that we’ve never been before, all over the UK?

And so the idea for our Food and Fuel Tour was born. We’re not asking for venues to pay us for the gigs we play but if they can help us out with Food and Fuel then it would make our journey across this fair Isle much easier! We want to take our music to as many weird and wonderful places around the UK as possible and we think that doing it this way will be the most exciting, challenging and rewarding way to do so.

We will be on tour for 250 days from Penzance to Preston, Edinburgh to the Eden Project, attempting to play as many gigs as we possibly can in that time. Our aim is to play a gig a day, whether that be in a pub, club, studio, venue, some bloke’s shed, on a cliff top, at the end of pier, on top of an ice cream van or just good old busking.

So, we’ve put a list of venues that we’ve booked so far in the “Tour Dates” section on the menu bar below. Check them out and if you can make it, it would be great to see you at a gig!


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